Just to get the site up and running, here is a listing of all official releases on which Raphael Callaghan plays and/or sings. LP, cassette and CD covers, tracklistings and other details will be added in the coming months, so please keep visiting!

1969 LP. I Asked For Water She Gave Me Gasoline (Liberty LBS 83252)
Two tracks by Jim & Raphael,

When My Woman Is With Me
Lord I’m Feeling Tired

alongside tracks by Jo Ann Kelly, Tony McPhee, John Lewis, Graham Hine, Andy Fernbach Connexion and Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts.
Also released in the USA on Imperial LP 12455. See 1998 for details of re-issue on CD.
1970 LP. Jim James & Raphael Callaghan. Voodoo WomanRecorded at De Lane Lea studios, Holborn, London, January and March 1970, produced by Alexis Korner. Twelve songs, including 10 written and sung by Jim, plus Alexis's own The Same For You and Raphael's first recorded composition, The Longest Train Ride both sung and played by Raphael on 12-string slide guitar. The tracks remain unissued to this day and Jim has the only acetate - and thats worn out!
1977 LP. Breakdown Meet Me On The Highway (MCP 001)
Breakdown were Neil Morton, John Pearson and Raphael Callaghan. Home produced LP with insert and back cover meticulously hand-drawn by John. LP valued at £30 in 2016 Rare Record Price Guide.
1981 cassette. About Time. Burning Out Of The Blues
About Time were Neil Morton, John Pearson, George Pearson. Raphael guests on harmonica.
1982 cassette. About Time. In The Evening
Second volume of recordings with Raphael guesting on harmonica.
1983 cassette. Breakdown. Rolling On Breakdown stripped down to John Pearson and Raphael Callaghan. Brendan McCormack on bass and acoustic guitar on some of these 1983 tracks. Brendan was a fifth from prefect at St Wilfred's Secondary Modern School,Litherland, when Raphael was in the first year, and he remembers taking Raphael's name when he was late! He went on to become a formidable guitar and lute player and founded the Liverpool Guitar Festival and the long-running Wirral International Guitar Festival, as well as being a true friend.
1983 cassette. Breakdown. This May Be the Last Time Second volume of 1983 recordings as above.
1983 cassette. Vintage Bothy 1965-83 Bothy Folk Club 18th Birthday Souvenir. Including tracks by Kevin Littlewood, Jim & Raphael and Breakdown.
1990 cassette. John Pearson. Streamline Train (Last Days Recordings LDR 90) Raphael plays harmonica and sings backing vocals on Precious Memories.
1991 cassette. Pete McGovern And Friends In My Liverpool Home (Royal Insurance/BBC Radio Merseyside ROY 001). Recorded at Radio Merseyside on October 5, Raphael plays harmonica on this marathon version of Pete’s song. All proceeds went to charity.
1993 cassette. Raphael Callaghan with Christine Purnell. Blue C (Blue Cee Recordings BCR 44) First full-length cassette album by the duo who were to become Blue C (and then Blue Cee!).
1997 cassette. Angels On The Wing. Songs and Poems of Geoff Parry vol 3 (GMP 3) Compilation of various artists putting their own tunes to Geoff’s lyrics, for charity. Raphael Callaghan & Christine Purnell contribute Good Times Highway. They re-recorded the song for their Swimming Against The Tide CD.
1998 CD. Tony McPhee & Friends. Me And The Devil/I Asked For Water She Gave Me Gasoline (BGO Records BGOCD 332) Double CD reissue includes the I Asked For Water LP from 1969 with the two Jim & Raphael songs.
1999 CD. Blueprint 99 - The Best Of British Blues (Abacabe Records ABACA CD 005) Compilation CD given free to subscribers of Blueprint magazine. Features When Will The Blues Leave by Blue C, an early mix of a song to be included on their own ‘forthcoming’ CD.
1999 CD. Sounds Like Freedom. Songs And Poems of Geoff Parry Vol 4 (GMP 4) Blue C contribute Blues From Babylon.
2000 CD. Blue C. Swimming Against the Tide (Blue Cee Recordings BCR 55) Second full-length album by Blue C.

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2002 CD. May They Grow. Songs And Poems of Geoff Parry Vol 5 (GMP 5) Blue C contribute The Ballad Of Prester John.
2004 CD. Small Town Hero Songs And Poems of Geoff Parry Vol 6 (GMP 6). Blue C contribute Wings To Fly.
2006 CD. Send The Rainbow. Songs And Poems of Geoff Parry Vol 7 (GMP 7) Raphael Callaghan contributes Heartland Of My Days.
2008 CD. That Eastern Wind. Songs And Poems of Geoff Parry Vol 8 (GMP 8) Blue C contribute title track That Eastern Wind.
2010 CD. Derek Boak. Darkness Falls. (No label or catalogue number) Raphael plays harmonica on Hard Time, Nobody Waiting and Maybelline.
2011 CD. The End Of The Line. Songs And Poems of Geoff Parry Vol 9 (GMP 9) Raphael Callaghan’s Blue C contribute On That Day.
2012 CD. Raphael Callaghan's Blue Cee. Long Tall Sally EP plus...
(Blue Cee Recordings EP 1)
The duo’s take on the songs from the Beatles classic Long Tall Sally EP, plus their versions of two further songs the Beatles used to perform in their early days.

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2015 CD. Making History. Songs And Poems of Geoff Parry Vol 10 (GMP 10) Raphael Callaghan contributes Time For Change (Hounds Of Winter).
2016 CD. Raphael Callaghan. Said And Done. (Blue Cee Recordings BCR 67) SaidAnd Done CD Cover Raphael’s first solo album, *** available now! ***


1965 reel to reel. Raphael’s first recordings on harmonica and vocal, with Martin Lennon on guitar. Tracks include Ripley’s Blues, M & R Special and In The Evening. Tape presumed lost.
1971. CD Jim, Raphael & Mick. The Forgotten Recording Session. A gift from Mick Rimmer in 2008. Rehearsal recordings of Send Me Someone To Love and No More My Lord (Raphael, vocal and harmonica, Mick on bass) plus Sally Free And Easy (Jim James, vocal and guitar, Raphael vocal and harmonica, Mick on bass).
1977 CD. Breakdown Live at Coronation Folk Club, Southport. Neil Morton, John Pearson, Raphael Callaghan. Live on the 11th November 1977
1980 cassette and CD. Alexis Korner and Breakdown at the Mona Hotel, Liverpool. By this time Breakdown were a quartet with addition of George Pearson on bass. Alexis joined Breakdown on Guitar for the last few numbers, Alexis and Raphael duetting on his song "Overdrive". Historic session!
1984 CD. Breakdown At The Bothy, March 18, 1984. John Pearson & Raphael Callaghan.
1985 CD. Borderline Case. Live recording for Spencer Leigh’s On The Beat show on Radio Merseyside, December 12th,1985. Borderline Case were Jim James, Tony Gibbons and Raphael Callaghan.
1987 cassette. Jessie Mae Hemphill, vocal, guitar; David Evans, guitar; Raphael Callaghan, harmonica, vocal, on Go Back To Your Use To Be. Memphis, October 1987
1988 CD. Jim James. Bothy Live Nine songs recorded at various Bothy Folk Club sessions, all with Raphael on harmonica, plus lead vocal on 3 tracks.
1989 cassette. Jo Ann Kelly Raphael Callaghan guesting on harmonica, Main Stage, Burnley Blues Festival, April 1989. With many thanks to photographer Brian Smith.
1991 cassette. Bendy Bertha’s Blues Band Live At Birkenhead (BB 43)
The complete, unabridged solo concert by Raphael Callaghan at the International Guitar Festival Of Great Britain at Birkenhead Town Hall on November 18th, 1991, featuring the encore of Back To Jackson with Christine Purnell making her debut live appearance on bass. Also includes three bonus tracks from Jim & Raphael’s Farewell Reunion Night at Magazine Folk Club, Wirral, June 1991.